Suez Sprinkler Main Extension

Our customer was asked to upgrade and extend the existing external fire sprinkler system around the plant, as part of expansion works.

Our Brief was to trench and install 40m of 180mm SDR 11 FM approved pipework with associated valves, install a new hydrant leg/new hydrant, and divert a portable water feed. We also constructed a new concrete slab to house a GRP kiosk.

Given the nature and location of these works, we had to work closely with site to ensure that daily site activities continued without disruption, as the knock on effect of delaying the waste deliveries, would have huge financial implications to the site.  The age and heritage of the site had large implications on our works, as we encountered a number of drains and services that were unknown to our client. The vast experience, skill and concern from our operatives enables us to overcome such issues, and complete the works with zero downtime, subsequently delivering the project within budget and on time.